About me

All about me:
My artistic path has been entirely aligned with my spiritual path. In my paintings I narrate about my experiences and I share them very emotionally.
They fuel my energy.
I graduated Wrocław Academy of Arts, Department of Architectural Painting, in 1966. I took part in numerous solo exhibitions in Poland and a few abroad (London, Rome, Ludwigshafen).

My journey to Israel in 1987 has become a dramatic breakthrough in my artistic work.
The first series of paintings I made when I came back from Israel was first showed in Wrocław and then in Beit Omanim Gallery. The series was titled Through The Holly Land To The Promised Land.
My further aspiration for what it means to be Jewish resulted in Heritage I & II series of paintings.
I got involved in approaching the source that studying the Torah is for me. Initially I lit the candles on Fridays without knowing the blessing.
Producing paintings inspired by Parshah text from Torah and creating painted comments to them took me several years. The fruit of this work is the series named The Light of Midrashes. In no way are they illustrations to the texts, but they are a never ending painted contemplation.
My cooperation with Double Edge theatre from Baltimore resulted in a cycle related to the Jewish calendar. It is also the tribute to Bruno Schultz and the entire Holocaust generation (including my father). The cycle is called Calendar of Memory after Bruno Schulz.

Psalm 91 which is spoken before going to sleep became an exciting inspiration. In this context Silencing Demons series was created.
The following paintings are a retrospective and an attempt to hold a dialogue in the future with my grandson – Everything Is Linked.
I created the last cycle from 2015 based on my reflections on Megilat Ruth – Ruth Behind the Veil.
Currently, I have been developing a new series of paintings inspired by The Book of Esther.
Thus, being a Jew means for me staying in continuity, connected with the treasure given us at Sinai. All Jewish souls were there, I was there, too, and I promised to perform and remember.